ASSESSMENTS большие вяземы где находятся Online role based skill assessment are created with a purpose of providing realistic actionable insights for an organization’s competency in testing team and enabling them to align the employee learning & development programs with the competency gaps.  Read More куни знакомство липецк срочной

сколько стоит сход развал на рено логан Growth creates Complexity. Testing organizations have grown past the traditional life cycle and are no longer ‘anyone can do’ models. The major emphasis is on leveraging Emerging Technology Platforms, managing increasing complexity.Read More расписание поездов петрозаводск питер
COURSES ETI’s charter is to enable learning and development for Software Testing & Quality Professionals through convenient, economically viable interventions in alignment with the learning needs. Read More

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Ericsson Global kicks of a Global Workforce Transformation for 100 QA Professionals международная конвенция о защите прав человека As a part of global workforce transformation initiative Ericsson Global signed with QAI to design, assess, and deliver structured workforce development program for 100 of their QA team members. Through this program, Ericsson proposes to invest in building their internal capability for over 100+ engineers.

SLK Software signs up with ETI for providing Ready-To-Deploy Talent десятипальцевый метод набора вслепую QAI & SLK Software have signed an agreement to provide ready-to-deploy talent in Software Testing. Through this model, ETI shall source, train and hire graduate students for meeting the demand for testing professionals for SLK’s customer base. The course would be specially designed for SLK and executed for SLK. сериал гримм описание серий