Online role based skill assessment are created with a purpose of providing realistic actionable insights for an organization’s competency in testing team and enabling them to align the employee learning & development programs with the competency gaps. The solutions provided shall accurately predict employee success in correlation with their performance on the projects.

In addition, the assessments can also be used for

  • Objectively assessing employee performance
  • Assess training effectiveness
  • Allocate employee to projects

The assessments are available for organizations of all sizes who wish to utilize the assessment services. Be it one single assessment or assessing your entire software testing organization we support in customizing the solution and provide detailed individual level and organizational level competency report.

Online role based competency assessment is available in three areas of testing:

Based on Universal Competency Framework for Testers (UCFT)

Universal Competency Framework for Testers was developed with the intent to be a standard for providing individuals and organizations with guidance on how to manage the career and professional development in the field of Software Testing. The targeted audience for this standard includes current & aspiring Testing professionals , organizations that employ them and any associated industry professional groups involved in Software Testing.

Aligned to Organizational Roles

The competency assessments are fully customizable and configurable to as many roles as you wish to, given the organizations context. If your business requires assessments beyond the subject areas covered in UCFT, our team of subject matter experts can fully tailor UCFT to meet your specific business needs.

Largest Question Bank in Software Testing

Question Bank across 47 knowledge areas, and aligned to leading bodies of knowledge from QAI, ISTQB, IIST, and work processes defined based on CMMI, TMMI for organizational maturity. The questions are classified as knowledge, contextual, and skill categories, and at three levels of difficulty – Simple, Medium and Complex. With 9000+ proprietary questions defined by our SMEs in-house, you can be assured of the authenticity and depth of the evaluation process..

Adaptive Evaluation Methodology

To ensure that each individual is evaluated in a comprehensive manner, our evaluation tool is designed based on the adaptive evaluation methodology. This ensures that no question is repeated, and selects questions so as to maximize the precision of the exam based on what is known about the examinee from previous questions. From the examinee’s perspective, the difficulty of the exam seems to tailor itself to his or her level of ability

Reports & Analytics

Individual level and organization level reporting is possible with our assessment framework. We also help organizations define learning pathways based on the organizational competency matrix and the gaps identified.

Online Proctored Assessments
Personalized Learning Plan
  • +4 Cognitive Levels
  • +9000+ Question Bank
  • +Customizable Roles
  • +Adaptive Examination Delivery
  • +Aligned to all major CBOKs