Building a competitive team is one of the most critical factors to develop and maintain any Testing practice. With the advent of emerging technology platforms, increasing product landscape, complex nature of project/programs, there is a high demand from any testing professional to keep at par with such changes. However the teams are so distributed and involved in daily operations, that upgrading takes a side seating.

Learning teams are always challenged to reach the teams with a solution that can match their schedules. The skill upgrade programs are often less attended due to quality of program, project pressures or team members distributed at various client locations.

Some questions which continue to challenge us are:

  • Can we scale and reach distributed teams?
  • How do we enable individual to learn at his own pace?
  • Can we give the teams real time solutioning skills?
  • How do we optimize the costs?
  • Can we work with lower overheads and higher ROI?
  • Can we have defined progression?

The Learning Model Given such constraints, there is a need to develop innovative learning models that provide a learning environment that are flexible and yet have a schedule. At ETI, we offer Virtual Learning model that provides learning flexibility and live mentor support for real time solutioning skills.

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