The consumerization of IT has changed the way in which business is done, especially in the context of iOS Mobile Applications. These iOS Applications propel the versatility of smart-phones and tablet PCs. However, testing these apps is a cumbersome task. It is particularly complicated since apps have to cope with frequent changes of the context they run in. In this 2 day hands on workshop focuses on how testing of iOS applications can be effectively and efficiently tested.

Module 1 – Introduction to Class
Participants | Familiarization with course material | Familiarization with the protocols and timings | Expectation setting and clarifications | Pre-training test for the resources attending the training
Module 2 – Mobile Application Software – Overview
Introduction to iPhone / iPad / iPod SDK | A Hello World using Xcode | Objective C – Complete details from Objects to Categories, Exceptions and Protocols | Essential Cocoa Touch classes
Module 3 – Architecture overview of iPhone/iPad/iPod
iPhone / iPad / iPod Software Architecture | Running an application on an iPhone / iPad / iPod
Module 4 – Integrating the Xcode and iPhone / iPad simulator
Integrating the iPhone / iPad simulator with development environment to run from code and test | Direct launching the simulator from command line.
Module 5 – Familiarizing with the Manual and Automation Testing
Manual Testing on the iPhone / iPad on Mac and devices | Using Web based tools for the testing on various environments | Using Freeware tools to test across multiple mobile platforms and iphone
Module 6 – Working with databases
Finding databases in the iPhone Simulator | Testing for the various cache and images | Penetration testing on the iPhone simulator and iPhone
Module 7 – Using Automation Tools
Testing using SeeTest tool | Testing using Eggplant tool
Module 8 – Major Testing tool (INSTRUMENTS)
Introduction to Instruments | How to instruments | Memory leaks testing | Activity Testing | Allocations Testing | Time Profiler | Automations | Network Testing | System Usage Testing | Core Animation Testing | OpenGL ES Driver / Analysis Testing
Module 9 – Third Party tools for testing
Monkey Tool for testing using Eclipse | FoneMonkey for iOS Automation Testing
Module 10 – Summary & Closure
Recap of the Program | Q&A