In many ways, mobile testing is more challenging than testing of desktop or web applications. Mobile applications have a smaller footprint on the virtual machine as opposed to a desktop application. The challenge becomes bigger when we do performance testing on a mobile application. This results in performance being one of the crucial differentiating factors when it comes to mobile applications. Users will never accept an application which would take too long to work. In this course, you will learn more about the principles and concepts in Performance Testing for Mobile based applications.

Module 1 – Introduction to Class and Pre assessment test
Participants | Familiarization with course material | Familiarization with the protocols and timings | Expectation setting and clarifications | Pre-assessment test
Module 2 – Mobile Application SW Overview
Overview on Desktop / Web / Mobile Testing (Mac/ Windows / Android / iPhone / Blackberry) | Mobile Platforms Overview | How Desktop, Web based and Mobile testing are different? Best possible approach to do testing for Mobile applications? | What are industries standard approaches for Desktop / Web / Mobile web/native apps testing | Pre-requisites for games Installation & Testing.
Module 3 – Different kinds of testing and their approach (Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone/Blackberry)
Network Testing | Localization Testing | Certification Testing | Compliance Testing | Integration Testing | Performance Testing | Security Testing
Module 4 – Testing of Native apps on different OS (Android / iPhone / Blackberry)
Approach / Strategy for Unit Tests on Mac, Windows, iPhone, Blackberry and Android | Emulators for different kinds of devices touchpad based and keypad based testing considerations.
Module 5 – Automation (Mac / Windows / Android / iPhone / Blackberry)
Approach / Strategy for Web based / Native Apps | Using Emulators / Simulators for testing | What’s the scope of automation in Mobile testing? What are best tools available in market?
Module 6 – Mobile Performance Testing – List of Tools
See Test by Expertitest | MobiOne | Opera mini simulator | Padpeek | Blackberry simulator | Fonemonkey | Monkey Tool | MonkeyRunner
Module 7 – Mobile Performance Testing Planning & Strategy (Practical Session with Examples)
Test Strategies for Mobile Device Application | UI / UX / Usability Testing | External Factors Testing | Stress Testing | Security Testing
Module 8 – Challenges and Solutions in Monitoring and Analysis of Mobile OS, Hardware & Networks
Challenges in creating Emulators & Simulators and overcoming them | OS Level, Software Based & Network related issues and testing them | GPS / GPRS Connectivity and files usage to test the performance and reliability | Troubleshooting Networks & Servers to get files and attachments | Automating using Python Scripts and running them on various devices for Performance, Stress & Security testing